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Photos that connect.
Stories that deliver.

We work with individuals to organize, preserve and share their lifetime of memories.  Using industry standard techniques and professional equipment and software, we create a single, searchable, shareable and secure photo library for enjoyment of your precious memories now and in the future. Our services are designed to bring you peace of mind and give you the joy of reliving those captured moments. Our goal at Forget Me Not Photos is to help you breathe easier, knowing your memories are accessible and future-proofed in a way that the next generation will love and embrace your stories.

Our Services

We specialize in photo organizing. We organize the vast number of photos growing in your collection. We are your one-stop shop to help you gain control of your photos and preserve them for the future. We are unique from other services in two ways: (1) 1:1 service and attention and (2) all-inclusive. Forget Me Not Photos provides A-Z application of the ability to organize, preserve and share your precious memories while having direct contact with the curator.

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Got a Photo Project?

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Our Process

There are many variables to consider when it comes to designing a solution that fits your photo library needs.  We work with you to create a customized action plan for your unique photo and video collection.  We apply the following sequencing to your photo management project.


Collect and consolidate images from all devices into one place - the “photo hub.”

Remove Duplicates

Find and remove duplicate images.

Build File Structure

Create a chronological file structure using the dates embedded in the metadata of your photos.

Make It Searchable

Add tags to your photos to quickly search and find the photo you want by keyword.

Save and Maintain

Secure your photo library by using a 3-2-1 backup system, and select a photo management program of your choice for ongoing maintenance.

Share and Smile

Share photos with friends and family by creating family websites, photo books, slideshows, gifts and more.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in the importance of legacy. We help you protect and share your values, memories and life experiences with future generations, all while maintaining your privacy.

Peace of Mind

Photos are at risk for damage, decay, or deletion.  Organizing your photo library now can eliminate that stress.  Relax knowing your photos are safe and secure.


Enjoy watching your home movies again.  Create a photo book or photo gift for a loved one.


Easily access your favorite memories with a quick search of a keyword instead of browsing through thousands of photos.


Conveniently share your favorite memories with family and friends through the cloud service of your choice.

Leave a Legacy

Tell your story.  Your family photo archive is a digital legacy that can be shared today and for generations to come.


Become a hero for future generations by preserving your family photo archive now.

Save Time

Don’t know where to begin? Emotions overwhelm you each time you sit down to sort your photos? Save time by handing over your collection to a professional who will create a personalized plan and utilize the most efficient techniques.


We bring industry knowledge and stay abreast of changes to technology, so you don’t have to.

Our Happy Clients

Forget Me Not Photos was a godsend for me. I had photos everywhere - on multiple iPhone accounts, old hard drives, flash drives and computers, and printed photos scattered in boxes. Charissa organized the thousands of photos into a chronological folder structure and removed the duplicates. She transferred old media I had (VHS tapes, film reels and DVD's) to a digital format that I can now view and enjoy. She scanned photos and even newspaper clippings that I wanted to archive.  She put my new photo collection on an online cloud based platform that is easy to use and showed me how to back it up and maintain it going forward. It is a relief to know that all of my photos and videos are in one place!

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Natalie D.
The Woodlands, TX

The finished product was remarkable.  My daughter LOVED the gift.  The packaging was so perfect as well.  The pricing was very reasonable - especially for the excellent quality and professionalism.  Thank you Forget Me Not Photos!

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Dawn B.
Spring, TX

Forget Me Not Photos specializes in a unique service that I was grateful to find. Charissa provided impeccable and professional communication from the start, understood exactly what I wanted, and produced an exceptional work product that I never imagined. Charissa created a digital copy of all my hard copy photos, organized them by date and backed them up to my secured cloud platform.  She created a customized plan, focusing on what was important to me.  This is a great service, and I am so glad to have found it. Thank you Charissa! I highly recommend her services and will gladly refer others to her!

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Kenda D.
The Woodlands, TX

The pictures were beautiful and perfect.  Thank you so much!  I ordered prints today from the slides you converted from my parent's wedding.  I very much appreciate your work!

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Pam B.
The Woodlands, TX
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Ready To Get Started?

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