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We’ve partnered with FOREVER®, a cloud based solution for permanent storage of your family legacy. Upload, organize, print and store your photos - making sure they are preserved for generations to come. You retain ownership of your photos, unlike other sites, and photos are stored at the highest resolution. Get peace of mind knowing that your most treasured memories are safe and in one place.

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FOREVER® is the only online photo preservation site for families to collect, curate and celebrate their digital memories. FOREVER® is on a mission to create software and services that enable families to preserve and tell stories for generations. And, they guarantee that these memories will be preserved, protected, and available for your lifetime plus 100 years. Easy-to-use products include mobile and web applications for organizing, preserving, and sharing memories, digital art, award-winning desktop software for scrapbooking and organizing, and the highest quality printing of photo books, canvases, calendars, cards, and more!  Services include premium training on designing and printing photo books, and digital conversion of legacy media. These products and services are designed to work together to manage and protect your precious photos and documents, ensuring that your legacy is passed on to future generations.

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Online Storage is

PERMANENT - you pay one time to own your digital storage and part of what you pay is put into the FOREVER® Guarantee Fund for the future costs of storage and improved technology, including digital migration.

SECURE - your photos are triple backed-up and encrypted.

PRIVATE - your photos and personal data are safe.  There is no data mining or third party advertising and you identify who has access to your photos.  It enables authentic sharing so you decide what you want to share and with whom.

MOBILE - you can access your photos on any device, any time, from anywhere and auto-backup is available to preserve new ones that you take.

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