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Projector Streaming Service

Home Movire

Projector is a video streaming service that allows users to watch their own home movies & videos on a TV. Imagine watching your own family videos on your TV as easily as you would watch a movie on Netflix! Projector gives you your own video streaming service on your Smart TV for your home movies.


Key Features

Transform the way you enjoy and share your family memories with our innovative digital service. Designed with convenience and user experience in mind, our platform offers a seamless and engaging way to relive cherished moments on your smart TV. Whether you’re converting old videotapes and movie films or creating stunning photo slideshows, our service brings your past to life in a modern, easily accessible format. Compatible with major streaming devices like Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV, and LG Smart TV, our platform provides a familiar streaming experience akin to Netflix and Disney+, ensuring you can effortlessly navigate and enjoy your personal videos and slideshows. Preserve your family’s history and create new opportunities for sharing and reminiscing, all from the comfort of your living room.

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Share Memories on Smart TV

Enjoy your family memories and easily share with family members on your smart TV

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Convert Tapes and Films

Ideal for videotape and movie film transfers and can turn photos into a video slideshow

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Netflix-Like Experience

Watch your cherished family memories just like Netflix

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Compatible with Major Devices

Projector is available on Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire, Google TV. Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV

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User-Friendly Interface

Projector looks and operates just like all your favorite video streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, etc.

How It Works

 Getting started with Projector is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Account Setup & Media Upload

As your Affiliate, I will set up your account on projectorstream.com and upload your videos and photos to a private and secure media vault.

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Download the Projector App

Download the Projector streaming app on your Smart TV from the app store of your streaming device. Compatible devices include ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV, Google TV, and Samsung & LG TVs.

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Family Viewing Access

Encourage family members, both near and far, to create their own Projector accounts and set up viewing access to share Projectors!

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Mobile Upload

Enhance your Projector by using the mobile version to effortlessly upload all your latest videos and photos.


What is the annual subscription fee?
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How do I download the Projector TV App on my Smart TV?
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Can I upload photos?
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Does Projector back up my videos?
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Can I invite my friends and family to watch on their TV's?
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How do I watch my videos once they are converted to MP4 video files?
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