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Meet Ollie, your photo sorting assistant

Ollie is an AI-powered photo sorting tool that learns your preferences and helps you organize your photos in no time. It's fun to use and adds a  personal touch to your projects.
Ollie uses advanced AI to categorize your photos, making the sorting process not just quick and manageable, but genuinely enjoyable. You'll find yourself happily sorting through batches of photos, and by doing so, freeing up valuable storage space on your phone.

Key Features

Do you dread sorting through your camera roll? Let's face it, with thousands of images, you may be asking yourself, where do I begin? With Ollie, you can turn that task into a daily ritual that you'll eagerly look forward to.

Saves Time

Sorting through your camera roll can be a drag. Ollie helps you do it quickly, and save gigabytes of space.

Adds Fun

Sorting with Ollie is fun! You'll get addicted to doing it, enjoying photos from years past. Some even say it's great therapy.

Respects privacy

At Ollie we respect your privacy. Your photos stay on your device, we don't upload them to our servers. All of the AI runs locally.

Learns preferences

Ollie uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to sort through your photos. And better yet, it learns your preferences over time so that it sorts the photos exactly like how you want them.

Make the most out of your photos

Ollie doesn't just help you get rid of bad photos, but also allows you to favorite your best ones so you can do more with them, like finally making that yearbook you've been dreaming of.  

Getting Started

Download Ollie from the App Store

Enjoy a free 3-day trial to explore all the features.
Get 20% Discount code:
1. Tap on "Redeem Code" in the Ollie Pay Screen.
2. Enter the code FORGETMENOT20 for 20% discount off the yearly subscription.

Choose Your Experience

After the trial, opt for the free version or upgrade to the premium version for added perks like superior one-to-one customer service and an ad-free experience.

Quick Issue Resolution

No matter which version you choose, shake your phone for a quick response to any issue.

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