October 14, 2023

10 Apps to Backup, Sync and Organize Your Photos

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Feeling overwhelmed with the extensive collection of photos on your handset? Whether or not you are a photography enthusiast, chances are high that you would like to preserve your memories. Again, you cannot ward off the chances of data loss from your smartphone. The best option to store your memories is to sync your photos with the cloud system. 

In this post, you will get to know the most popular apps for backing up, syncing, and organizing your photos.

Best apps for photo management on your smartphone

1. Google Photos

Although Google Photos is the photo manager available on stock Android handsets, it is also compatible with iOS. It comes with an amazing suite of features. Most importantly, you would enjoy 15 GB of cloud storage, when you sync your photos with your Google account.

Google Photos also supports cross-device syncing with the least compression. Interestingly, you can store the original-quality photos in the available drive space, enabling the auto-backup option. This app also displays the photos chronologically.

2. Amazon Drive

In case you already have an Amazon Prime account, you can enjoy the photo organization features of Amazon Drive. This app offers free space up to 5 GB. The users also enjoy unlimited backup for videos and photos, which would cost you $60 annually. Amazon Prime account holders need to shell out just $12 annually. This app is known for its easy-to-use interface. With this app on your handset, you can seamlessly sync and categorize your photos.

3. CyberLink Photo Director 10 Ultra

This particular app comes with photo storage, photo editing, and face-recognition features. You would also love the in-built default video editor. One can organize the photos based on star ratings, color ratings, tags, and different categories. However, this app does not enable the users to sort photos as per calendar date. However, one can view the image metadata to get an idea of the camera settings. The image editor comes with as many as 42 filters!

4. Flickr

A popular app for image syncing and organizing, you can store 1,000 images for free on this platform. The Pro version would cost you $6.99 a month. One of the best benefits of this app is its support for long videos, up to 10 minutes in length. Apart from storing full-resolution images, it supports smart searching and automatic uploading. There’s a default feature that categories photos by social features and date.

5. Slidebox

Users love the fast, swipe-oriented interface of this app while scanning through photos that they had locally stored. It helps to organize photos in your handset, presenting the unsorted ones in a queue. Besides, you have several features that would help you compare similar images. Besides, you can share entire albums using this app. 

6. PhotoSync

If you are frustrated with moving the images from your desktop or mobile device using Wi-Fi to transfer files, simply download this app. This app enables the users to transfer files across platforms, even between iOS and Android handsets. Besides, it supports several cloud storage platforms. For photographers, the best feature is the ability to transfer RAW photos, along with the metadata.

7. Piktures

You would love your experience while navigating through your collection of photos on this app. Here, the currently chosen album appears in the main panel. On swiping right, a tiled list of albums appears, enabling you to sort them. On swiping left, you can view the geotagged labels. Other features on the app include an optional calendar, resizing tools, slideshow mode, photo vault to conceal images, and a GIF player.

 8. F-Stop Gallery

This is a free and powerful photo organizer app for Android users. Here, you would love the experience, backed by tools such as smart galleries, tagging, favorites, and ratings. In the process, you can seamlessly customize and manage your mobile clicks. You can also custom sort the images, deploying the drag and drop feature. Besides, you can read image metadata and perform. One can also exclude certain folders while searching the gallery.

9. A+ Gallery

If you are looking for a touch of iOS in your Android handset while organizing photos, this app would suit you perfectly. Users love its bright models of gallery, that they can customize by collection moment, or other features. One can simply sync the files to Dropbox using an inbuilt feature. Besides, you can create Facebook albums. An interesting feature is the color-based search, that would help you find images with strong hues. The map view feature enables users check the locations of shots.

10. Memoria Photo Gallery

Well, you can eventually do away with your gallery on Android handset with this app in place. It is a powerful tool, that would help you sort photos that you have stored locally. Users can customize the files by date. The features in this app include searching filters, basic slideshows, and pinned albums. You would love adapting your album covers, and hide certain albums. The premium version enables the users to customize themes.


A competent software for organizing your photos would help you group together each category seamlessly. Besides, some of these apps enable the users to view the location and date, and customize how they store them. Eventually, photo management becomes amazingly easy, particularly when you hunt for them for sharing on social media. You may use the free or paid versions of any of the apps we have listed in this post, as per your requirements.

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