October 14, 2023

Charissa Kovin from Forget Me Not Photos Interviewed by Shoutout HTX

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If you've ever struggled with organizing your family photos, you know how overwhelming it can be. Maybe you have boxes and bins full of outdated analog media, or perhaps you are someone who wants to take control of their digital photo collection. Charissa Kovin, the owner of Forget Me Not Photos, understands this struggle all too well. Her passion for helping families preserve their precious memories has led her to become a professional photo organizer. In this blog post, we'll dive into the highlights of Charissa's interview with Shoutout HTX, where she talks about her journey, the services she offers, and tips for keeping your photos safe and sorted.

Charissa has always been interested in preserving memories, but it wasn't until she started a family that she realized the importance of it. As a result, she started her business, Forget Me Not Photos, to offer professional photo organizing services. Charissa discusses how it's easy to become overwhelmed with disorganization, lost files, and cluttered devices. Her work involves sorting, scanning, restoring and converting old photos and videos, designing photo albums, and creating digital backups. With her combination of unique technical skills and a high degree of personal attention to each client, she is able to provide effective solutions to overwhelmed families.

Charissa also offers some useful tips for keeping your family photos safe and secure. She recommends storing physical copies in acid-free, archival-quality containers. For digital photos, Charissa suggests having 3 copies of your photo collection, on 2 different devices, and one offsite or in the cloud.

Forget Me Not Photos is not just a business for her, it's a way to help families protect their meaningful memories. She emphasizes that her goal isn't just to organize photos, but to highlight the stories behind them. "My hope is to help families truly appreciate their photos for the stories that they tell and as a reflection of their lives and the people they love." With her services, Charissa helps keep these memories alive and accessible.

Read more of this interview by going to https://shoutouthtx.com/meet-charissa-kovin-owner-professional-photo-organizer/

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